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SUBJECT: Need Volunteers Next Week

Santa Store is Next Week!

We Really Need some Volunteers to help with our Santa Store Next Week. 

We were hoping someone from the Family would volunteer to help so we can continue this long standing Dennis tradition. If you're available, please use the signup to let us know!

Click Here to Sign-Up as a volunteer

-or- just visit the "Sign-Ups" section in the website.

You can take a 1st and/or 2nd shift any day next week to help us make this a success! We truly need your help to make this process work (plus it's super fun!) We need at least 4 volunteers during each shift for the store to be open. Full schedule of needs can be seen under our SignUp Link. 

What would you be doing? Helping set up the store, Accompany kids from class to Santa Store (if needed), Assist them with shopping based on their allowance and shopping list, Wrap gifts and send them back to their class! 

What is Santa Store?

Items range from jewelry, small toys or gadgets, cups, gloves and more available in different prices $1, $2, $5, $10 (and some rare items for slightly more) that help students practice the fun of giving and allows them to get into the holiday spirit! 

We will try to share pics on Facebook with some sneak peeks of merchandise available in case you've never seen what's this fun store includes. See the envelope we sent home and fill out details on whom your student is purchasing a gift for so our shop helpers can assist them with shopping! Remember to include cash or check made out to "JLD PTO" for them to be able to shop! 

Monday 12/13 - 12/17 - Santa Store Open

Friday 12/17 - Holiday Parties & Last Day before Winter Break!

Monday 12/20 - Monday 1/3 - Winter Break! 

Tuesday 1/4 - Classes Resume (Spring Semester)


Please donate for the classroom Christmas parties which are planned for December 17th, the last day before winter break! Send money back to the school in the envelope sent home, or donate through our Membership Toolkit App HERE ðŸŽ„

2020-2021 JLD Teacher & Staff Favorites

Every year we try to help fellow parents by collecting information about the "favorites" of our Teachers and Staff at Dennis. Staff and Teachers favorite colors, flowers, Sonic drink etc. is available on the list HERE! Or, just click the picture to download the file

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